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Lofi stands for low fidelity which is a quality of music production in which sounds that are often considered imperfections are left in – usually environmental interference or generalized issues that are undesirable in professional music settings. 

But if you search lofi on YouTube, this isn’t a specific enough explanation of what you’re going to get. What lofi actually means colloquially is more similar to chill wave, a genre that focuses on a dreamy nostalgic sound, or bedroom pop, music that is often made by young artists and could be described as DIY indie.

Okay but actually – what is it? The core answer is, you probably can’t define it. And that’s not coming from a prideful indie stance of too cool for school, but because there’s very little control over who defines it. Those creating it aren’t big names in big production studios, it’s your younger cousin or next door neighbor.  What was once relegated to sound cloud or the deep recesses of the internet is now readily available on YouTube (and as spotify playlists based around said YouTube compilations and streams). 

On that note, the people creating the music are different from those putting together compilations or creating 24/7 streams. These DJs find the undiscovered music (that you often can’t find on spotify or your streaming service of choice) and put together specific sounds – or a constant stream. The two varieties often overlap, many DJs making both kinds. Some are particularly well known, such as ChilledCow with the iconic image of a girl studying day and night to go along with the never ending stream and College Music which features a similar aesthetic.

What’s up with the aesthetic you ask? Who knows! Many feature images or video from anime (often Ghibli) like the iconic girl studying from Whisper of the Heart. But this isn’t the only thing you will find, others have original art or late 90’s cartoons. The audio also includes voice clips from said anime and cartoons, as well as movies and other sources. I honestly have no idea how the aesthetic started, but it’s predominant throughout YouTube. 

With all the above background, all I’ve got to say is that I really enjoy it. It’s perfect for studying, sleeping and relaxing. Also bike rides. My suggestion is you give it a chance. 

So now you want to know all my favorites? Sure – I can share. 

And that’s all for this first Friday, as always – feel free to message me with questions, concerns or comments (though no guarantees I will be nice).


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