Every Other Friday With Kat

This is the first real post I’ve made on this website since I graduated from Seattle Pacific, and hopefully I can maintain the momentum to keep this up.

Since I have a bit of free time at this moment in my life, along with a lot of opinion, I am going to attempt to channel it into keeping a semi-regular blog. The topics are going to be entirely unrelated besides the fact that I have enough thoughts in my brain to write full sentences about them.

So what can you look forward to? Well, how about my thoughts on lofi music, honeydew, and fifty ways to use a bobby pin! I can tell you’re very excited.

Is there a point to any of this? Absolutely not. At least not besides my brain dump and desire to keep my writing skills polished to some level of shine.

Do I want anyone to read these? I’m not sure, I guess if you want to? It’s mostly for me, but if anyone in the world takes some pleasure in my thoughts I suppose that’s some good I am putting into the world

These Friday posts will begin next week and continue every other week until I loose momentum or climate change kills us all – whichever comes first. 

If you’ve got a question feel free to find me on social (obviously not Facebook because that’s for Moms) and shoot me a message. Got a complaint? You can tweet at me too, but be prepared to deal with the consequences.


The Kat Wynn’s

P.S. Please submit suggestions for a kitschy and gimmicky sign off I can use. 

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